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Head of School's Welcome,

Welcome and thank you for your interest in Children's Academy of Success.   My desire as director is to provide a solid educational curriculum with expectations of building great minds and character in our students.  Our purpose is to provide our students with the highest academic development and the most effective and appropriate social, physical, and spiritual foundations to help them become successful individuals of world influence.  Our motto is "Where Excellence is the Norm."  We strongly believe in this at Children's Academy of Success.



Mrs. Sinttia Becerra

Director of School


Toddler Class: Miss Susan

Preschool 1: Mrs. Jannette

Preschool 2: Mrs. Dulce

Kindergarten: Miss Bianca

Message from our President,

It is the mission of Children’s Academy of Success to fulfill our purpose in this World.  We believe that part of that purpose is to glorify God by providing educational excellence in a safe, nurturing, Christ-centered environment.


Children’s Academy of Success serves families and the community by furnishing an educational institution that integrates Christian principles and truths with exemplary academic and extra-curricular programs.


It is our honor and privilege to be able to serve every family in our community. We would be very happy to serve you and your children as we travel together in this amazing journey of discovery. 




David Sarinana


Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is based upon the scientific studies and research conducted by professionals with years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education. We closely follow any advancement made in this field to apply those programs as they bear results. Basic fundamentals are:

  • That the children gain knowledge by exploring and experimentation using the five senses in the initial stages of development.

  • Also their cognitive, linguistic and social-emotional advancement occurs through interaction with peers and adults.

  • A child needs a “Competent Pair” to develop his/her “‎Zone of Proximal Development”.
  • We strongly believe that there is no productive future without education and there is no education without a teacher or an educational experience from life.

Our environment will instill discipline, structure, and positive values in children. Our structured environment provides ample opportunities for the children to explore and experiment. One of our biggest goals are to build high self-esteem with positive concepts for the children to become competent learners displaying their achievements in a safe, healthy, warm, nurturing and loving environment aligned with the identity given from God.


The world is changing and advancing, our systems and methods must not remain the same. There are new and advanced techniques of teaching and providing education. We believe educators must lead and not follow past unsuccessful strategies. Educators must understand the child prior to child understanding the teacher or the adults.

Our Staff Goals and Methods

We have a staff of excellent and trained teachers in the field of Early Childhood Education. Our goals are to reach higher standards than California Common Core State Standards, being aligned with the National Common Core Standards. Our school has a great emphasis on Math and Language Arts as areas of content taught in an advance pace.


The children who graduate from our facility will have a clear identity combined with a high self-esteem as we cultivate a “yes, I can” attitude. We will provide personalized and individualized attention to the children to overcome any difficulties. We work with the parents and guardian in a collaborative manner to reach our common goals in the education of the children. We are definitely not a playschool, but a preschool focusing on academics.

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